Representative publications

  • In situ differentiation and generation of functional liver organoids from human iPSCs in a 3D perfusable chip system.

    Yaqing Wang, Hui Wang, Pengwei Deng, Wenwen Chen, Yaqiong Guo,Tingting Tao and Jianhua Qin.

    Lab on a Chip2018, DOI: 10.1039/c8lc00869h

  • A 3D human placenta-on-a-chip model to probe nanoparticle exposure at the placental barrier.

    Fangchao Yin, Yujuan Zhu, Min Zhang, Hao Yu, Wenwen Chen, Jianhua Qin.

    Toxicology in Vitro, 2018,54: 105-113

  • Stimulation of chondrocytes and chondroinduced mesenchymal stem cells by osteoinduced mesenchymal stem cells under a fluid flow stimulus on an integrated microfluidic device.

    Xuanwen Bao, Zhongyu Li, Hui Liu, Ke Feng, Fangchao Yin, Hongjing Li* and Jianhua Qin.

    Molecular Medicine Reports, 2018, 17 (2) :2277-2288

  • A 3D human lung-on-a-chip model for nanotoxicity testing.

    Min Zhang, Cong Xu, Lei Jiang and Jianhua Qin.

    Toxicology Research, 2018, 7, 1048-1060(cover image)

  • Placental Barrier-on-a-Chip: Modeling Placental Inflammatory Responses to Bacterial Infection.

    Yujuan Zhu, Fangchao Yin, Hui Wang, Li Wang, Jingli Yuan, and Jianhua Qin.

    ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2018, 4 (9) : 3356-3363

  • A Microfluidic Strategy for Controllable Generation of Water-in-Water Droplets as Biocompatible Microcarriers.

    Haitao Liu, Hui Wang, Wenbo Wei, Hui Liu, Lei Jiang, and Jianhua Qin.

    Small, 2018, 14 (36) : 1801095

  • A Biomimetic Human Gut-on-a-Chip for Modeling Drug Metabolism in Intestine.

    Yaqiong Guo, Zhongyu Li, Wentao Su, Li Wang, Yujuan Zhu, and Jianhua Qin.

    Artificial Organs, 2018, DOI:10.1111/aor.13163

  • Engineering brain organoids to probe impaired neurogenesis induced by cadmium.

    Yin, Fangchao, Yujuan Zhu, Yaqing Wang, and Jianhua Qin.

    ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2018, 4(5),1908-1915.

  • Human brain organoid-on-a-chip to model prenatal nicotine exposure.

    Yaqing Wang, Li Wang, Yujuan Zhu, and Jianhua Qin.

    Lab on a Chip, 2018, 18(6),851-860

  • Engineering stem cell-derived 3D brain organoids in a perfusable organ-on-a-chip system.

    Yaqing Wang, Li Wang, Yaqiong Guo, Yujuan Zhu and Jianhua Qin.

    RSC Advances, 2018, 8, 1677-1685

  • Probing impaired neurogenesis in human brain organoids exposed to alcohol.

    Yujuan Zhu, Li Wang, Fangchao Yin, Yue Yu, Yaqing Wang, Matthew J. Shepard, Zhengping Zhuang and Jianhua Qin.

    Integrative Biology, 2017,9, 968-978

  • Paper supported long-term 3D liver co-culture model for the assessment of hepatotoxic drugs.

    Yaqing Wang, Wentao Su, Li Wang, Lei Jiang, Yang Liu, Lijian Hui and Jianhua Qin.

    Toxicology Research, 2018, 7, 13-21 (Cover image)

  • Assessment of hepatic metabolism-dependent nephrotoxicity on an organs-on-a-chip microdevice.

    Zhongyu Li, Lei Jiang, Yujuan Zhu, Wentao Su, Cong Xu, Tingting Tao, Yang Shi and Jianhua Qin.

    Toxicology in Vitro, 2018, 46:1-8

  • Hollow Fiber System for Simple Generation of Human Brain Organoids.

    Yujuan Zhu, Li Wang, Fangchao Yin, Yue Yu, Yaqing Wang, Hui Liu, Hui Wang, Ning Sun, Haitao Liu and Jianhua Qin.

    Integrative Biology, 2017, 9, 774-781

  • In situ generation of human brain organoids on a micropillar array.

    Yujuan Zhu, Li Wang, Hao Yu, Fangchao Yin, Yaqing Wang, Haitao Liu, Lei Jiang and Jianhua Qin.

    Lab on a Chip, 2017, 17, 2941 - 2950

  • Bioinspired onion epithelium-like structure promotes the maturation of cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells.

    Cong Xu, Li Wang, Yue Yu, Fangchao Yin, Xiaoqing Zhang, Lei Jiang, Jianhua Qin.

    Biomaterials Science, 2017, 5, 1810 - 1819

  • Drug absorption related nephrotoxicity assessment on an intestine-kidney chip.

    Zhongyu Li, Wentao Su, Yujuan Zhu, Tingting Tao, Dong Li, Xiaojun Peng, and Jianhua Qin.

    Biomicrofluidics 11, 034114 (2017), DOI:

  • A disease model of diabetic nephropathy in a glomerulus-on-a-chip microdevice.

    Li Wang,Tingting Tao, Wentao Su, Hao Yu, Yue Yu and Jianhua Qin

    Lab on a Chip, 2017, 17, 1749-1760(hot paper)

  • Assessment of cadmium-induced nephrotoxicity using a kidney-on-a-chip device.

    Zhongyu Li, Lei Jiang, Tingting Tao, Wentao Su, Yaqiong Guo, Hao Yu and Jianhua Qin

    Toxicology Research, 2017, 6, 372-380

  • Probing the Bi-directional Interaction Between Microgliaand Gliomas in a Tumor Microenvironment on a Microdevice.

    Rui Gu, Xu Zhang, Ge Zhang, Tingting Tao, Haibo Yu, Lianqing Liu, Ying Dou, Aiping Li, Jianhua Qin

    Neurochem Res, 2017, 42, 1478–1487

  • Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac tissue on a thin collagen membrane with natural microstructures.

    Li Wang, Xiaoqing Zhang, Cong Xu, Hui Liu, Jianhua Qin.

    Biomaterials Science, 2016, 4 (11), 1655-1662

  • A dynamic in vivo-like organotypic blood-brain barrier model to probe metastatic brain tumor.

    Hui Xu, Zhongyu Li, Yue Yu, Saman Sizdahkhani, Winson S. Ho, Fangchao Yin, Li Wang, Guoli Zhu, Min Zhang, Lei Jiang, Zhengping Zhuang, and Jianhua Qin

    Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 36670

  • Assessment of metabolism-dependent drug efficacyand toxicity on a multilayer organs-on-a-chip.

    Zhongyu Li, Yaqiong Guo, Yue Yu, Cong Xu, Hui Xu, and Jianhua Qin

    Integrative Biology, 2016,8,1022-1029 (Cover image)

  • Simple Spinning of Heterogeneous Hollow Microfiber on Chip.

    Yue Yu, Wenbo Wei, Yaqing Wang, Cong Xu, Yaqiong Guo, Jianhua Qin

    Advanced Materials, 2016, 28(31),6649-+

  • Human induced pluripotent stem cells derived endothelial cells mimicking vascular inflammatory response under flow.

    Li Wang, Meng Xiang, Yingying Liu, Ning Sun, Meng Lu, Yang Shi, Xinhong Wang, Dan Meng, Sifeng Chen, and Jianhua Qin

    Biomicrofluidics, 2016, 014106

  • Patterning hypoxic multicellular spheroids in a 3D matrix –a promising method for anti-tumor drug screening.

    Jingyun Ma, Xu Zhang, Yang Liu, Haibo Yu, Lianqing Liu, Yang Shi, Yanfeng Li and Jianhua Qin

    Biotechnology Journal, 2016,11(1),127-134

  • Modeling type 2 diabetes-like hyperglycemia in C. elegans on a microdevice.

    Guoli Zhu, Fangchao Yin, Li Wang, Wenbo Wei, Lei Jiang and Jianhua Qin

    Integrative Biology, 2016, 8(1), 30-38

  • Bezafibrate–mizoribine interaction: Involvement of organic anion transporters OAT1 and OAT3 in rats.

    Yuan Feng , Changyuan Wang, Qi Liu, Qiang Meng, Xiaokui Huo, Zhihao Liu, Pengyuan Sun,Xiaobo Yang, Huijun Sun, Jianhua Qin, Kexin Liu

    European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, 81,119–128

  • Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived beating cardiac tissues on paper.

    Li Wang, Cong Xu, Yujuan Zhu, Yue Yu, Ning Sun, Xiaoqing Zhang, Ke Feng and Jianhua Qin

    Lab Chip, 2015,15, 4283-4290(Cover image)

  • Controlled H2O2 release via long-lived electron-hole separation mediated to induce tumor cell apoptosis.

    Cong Wang, Xinghua Gao, Yibo Gao, Wenbin Cao, Jinxuan Tian, Xiaoxiao Wu, Ziran Ye, Xiping Zeng, Jun Wan, Jinbo Wu, Zhengyu Fang, BingPu Zhou, Jianhua Qin and Weijia Wen

    Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015,3, 8115-8122

  • Progress of Microfluidics-based Immunoassays in Detection of Cardiac Markers.

    SU Wentao, FENG Ke, QIN Jianhua

    Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2015(10),1490-1498

  • Flexible Fabrication of Shape-Controlled Collagen Building Blocks for Self-Assembly of 3D Microtissues.

    Xu Zhang, Zhaoxu Meng, Jingyun Ma, Yang Shi, Hui Xu, Simon Lykkemark and Jianhua Qin

    Small, 2015, 11(30),3666-3675

  • Activation of hypoxia signaling induces phenotypic transformation of glioma cells: implications for bevacizumab antiangiogenic therapy.

    Hui Xu, Shervin Rahimpour, Cody L. Nesvick, Xu Zhang, Jingyun Ma, Min Zhang, Ge Zhang, Li Wang, Chunzhang Yang, Christopher S. Hong, Anand V. Germanwala, J. Bradley Elder, Abhik Ray-Chaudhury, Yu Yao, Mark R. Gilbert, Russell R. Lonser, John D. Heiss, Roscoe O. Brady, Ying Mao, Jianhua Qin and Zhengping Zhuang

    Oncotarget, 2015,6(14),11882-11893

  • Hypoxia Combined with Spheroid Culture Improves Cartilage Specific Function in Chondrocytes.

    Yang Shi, Jingyun Ma, Xu Zhang, Hongjing Li, Lei Jiang and Jianhua Qin

    Integrative Biology, 2015, 7, 289 – 297(Cover image)

  • A Droplet Microchip with Substance Exchange Capability for the Developmental Study of C. elegans.

    Hui Wen, Yue Yu, Guoli Zhu, Lei Jiang and Jianhua Qin

    Lab on a Chip, 2015, 15(8),1905-1911

  • Potent anti-inflammatory effect of dioscin mediated by suppression of TNF-a-induced VCAM-1, ICAM-1and EL expression via the NF-kB pathway.

    Shan Wu, Hui Xu, Jinyong Peng, Changyuan Wang, Yue Jin, Kexin Liu, Huijun Sun, Jianhua Qin

    Biochimie, 2015, 110, 62-72

  • Regulating cell behaviors on micropillar topographies affected by interfacial energy.

    Xinghua Gao, Yeung Yeung Chau, Jiao Xie, Jun Wan, Yanxiao Ren, Jianhua Qin and Weijia Wen

    RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 22916-22922

  • Regulation of cell migration and osteogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells under extremely low fluidic shear stress.

    Xinghua Gao, Xu Zhang, Hui Xu, Bingpu Zhou, Weijia Wen, and Jianhua Qin

    Biomicrofluidics, 2014,8, 052008

  • Microfluidic platform towards point-of-care diagnostics in infectious diseases.

    Wentao Su, Xinghua Gao, Lei Jiang and Jianhua Qin

    Journal of Chromatography A, 2015, 13-26

  • Flexible Fabrication of Biomimetic Bamboo-like Hybrid Microfibers.

    Yu Y, Wen H, Ma JY, Lykkemark S, Xu H, Qin JH

    Advanced Materials, 2014, 26(16): 2494–2499 (Cover image)

  • Probing the anti-aging role of polydatin in Caenorhabditis elegans on a chip.

    Wen H, Gao XH, Qin JH

    Integrative Biology, 2014, 6 (1): 35–43 (Cover image)

  • Induction of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in proximal tubular epithelial cells on microfluidic devices.

    Zhou MY, Ma HP, Lin HL, Qin JH

    Biomaterials, 2014, 35: 1390-1401

  • A simple microfluidic strategy for cell migration assay in an in-vitro wound healing model.

    Zhang M, Li HJ, Ma HP, Qin JH

    Wound Repair and Regeneration, 2013, 21(6): 897–903

  • Microfluidic Device for Controllable Chemical Release via Field-Actuated Membrane Incorporating Nanoparticles.

    Wang X, Li SB, Wang LM, Yi X, Hui YS, Qin JH, Wen WJ

    Journal of Nanomaterials, 2013, ID 864584

  • A high efficiency microfluidic-based photocatalytic microreactor using electrospun nanofibrous TiO2 as photocatalyst.

    Meng ZX, Zhang X, Qin JH

    Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 4687-4690

  • Facile Synthesis of Biomimetic Honeycomb Material with Biological Functionality.

    Ma JY, Hui YS, Zhang M, Yu Y, Wen WJ, Qin JH

    Small, 2013, 9(4), 497–503 (Cover image)

  • An integrated microfluidic device for characterizing chondrocyte metabolism in response to distinct levels of fluid flow stimulus.

    Zhong WL, Ma HP, Wang SY, Gao XH, Zhang WG, Qin JH

    Microfluidics and Nanofluidics,2013, 15(6): 763-773

  • High throughput generation and trapping of individual agarose microgel using microfluidic approach.

    Shi Y, Gao XH, Chen LQ, Zhang M, Ma JY, Zhang XX, Qin JH

    Microfluidics and Nanofluidics,2013, 4, 467-474

  • Biomimetic tumor microenvironment on a microfluidic platform.

    Ma HP, Xu H, Qin JH

    Biomicrofluidics,2013, 7, 011501

  • Simple localization of nanofiber scaffolds via SU-8 photoresist and their use for parallel 3D cellular assays.

    Jiang L, Zhang M, Li JX, Wen WJ, Qin JH.

    Advanced Materials 2012, 24(16), 2191-2195

  • Probing the role of mesenchymal stem cells in salivary gland cancer on biomimetic microdevices.

    Ma HP, Zhang M, Qin JH.

    Integrative Biology 2012, 4(5):522-530.

  • A microfluidic-based device for study of transendothelial invasion of tumor aggregates in realtime.

    Zhang Q, Liu TJ, Qin JH.

    Lab on a chip 2012, 12:2837-2842.

  • Multiparameter evaluation of the longevity in C. elegans under stress using an integrated microfluidic device.

    Wen H, Shi WW, Qin JH.

    Biomed Microdevices 2012, 14(4):721-728.

  • Microalgal motility measurement microfluidic chip for toxicity assessment of heavy metals.

    Zheng GX, Wang YH, Qin JH

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry,2012, 404(10), 3061-3069

  • Flexible generation of gradient electrospinning nanofibers using a microfluidic assisted approach.

    Zhang X, Gao XH, Jiang L, and Qin JH.

    Langmuir 2012, 28(26):10026-10032.

  • Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans in microfluidic devices.

    Wen H, Qin JH.

    SCIENCE CHINA (Chemistry) 2012, 55(4), 484-493

  • Fast detection of genetic information by an optimized PCR in an interchangeable chip.

    Wu JB, Kodzius R, Xiao K, Qin JH, Wen WJ.

    Biomedical Microdevices 2012, 14(1):179-186.

  • Synthesis of shape-controlled particles based on synergistic effect of geometry confinement, double emulsion template, and polymerization quenching.

    Zhang QQ, Lin BC, Qin JH.

    Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2012, 12(1-4):33-39.

  • Nanofiber-modified surface directed cell migration and orientation in microsystem.

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    Biomicrofluidics 2011, 5(3) :032007

  • Patterning cell using Si-stencil for high-throughput assay.

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  • Microdroplet-based universal logic gates by electrorheological fluid.

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  • The Effects of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor on the Proliferation of Chondrocytes Embedded in the Collagen Gel Using an Integrated Microfluidic Device.

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